Do all men need to know how to fix things around the house?

Do all men need to know how to fix things around the house?

Do all men need to know how to fix things around the house? 16 Aug

Unraveling the Myths: DIY and Masculinity

Once upon a time, someone arbitrarily decided that all men needed to be handy around the house—that ability came as an integral part of their manhood kit. It's like when you sign up for a manhood subscription, the DIY flair for home repairs and improvement projects was thrown into the mix. Bam! You're a bob-the-builder man. While this perception has long since been a social expectation, the real question is, ‘Do all men really need to know how to fix things around the house?’ This, dear reader, is what we're about to debunk. Yep, it's Darius, your regular talking buddy on this blog, today wearing the ‘handyman’ hat.

Traditional Role versus Modern Reality

Here's the honest truth. With the evolution of society and the overhaul of gender roles, the line between man’s work and woman's work has blurred substantially. And thank heavens for that. Women now fix circuit breakers, mow lawns, and install appliances just as comfortably as men cook, do laundry, and engage in child-rearing. The idea of a man being a must-know-it-all home fixer is a cliché we need to bid goodbye to—in the very same way we did chivalry. Okay, forget that, chivalry isn't dead yet. But I digress. The point here is that while it’s great if you can fix a leaky faucet or repair a broken light fixture, it certainly isn't a prerequisite for manhood status.

The Essence of Capability Not Dependability

Diving headfirst into a maintenance glitch without proper knowledge could quickly transform into a never-ending DIY nightmarish comedy. Perchance you do have an inkling of knowledge; it could save you a bunch of coins. However, crucially, it's about being capable enough to handle a situation without total dependence on others. Now, don't let me dampen your DIY enthusiasm. Hell, I've had my fair share of crazy Water-Gate leaks turning my bathroom into the lost city of Atlantis.

The Charm of DIY: Developing Key Skills

In a world where Google and YouTube tutorials reign supreme, DIY has become an easily accessible hobby, one which incidentally has the potential to save you some dough. But more than that, it exercises your problem-solving skills, rewards your creativity, and builds your confidence. Nothing quite compares to the sense of accomplishment that comes with nailing a DIY project. Uh-huh, pun intended. I still look back fondly at the time I successfully turned my Homer Simpson-esque disaster of a garage into a semi-chaotic workspace. To quote a line from my favourite sitcom, "I'm not great at the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?" A pinch of Chandler Bing humour never hurt a conversation.

In the Name of Self Sufficiency

Don't mistake me; I'm not advocating for every man to be the next Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. But let's look at it this way. If a pipe suddenly bursts in your house and you have no idea where the main water valve is, you might face an unintended indoor swimming event, like my own surprise “bathroom pool” party. Having some basic knowledge about how things work in your home boosts your self-sufficiency and can help you manage unexpected situations until professional help can arrive. To refer back to Chandler Bing, "Oh, I wish I could, but I don't want to." I'd much rather be somewhat prepared than fully reliant on others.

For the Love of Peace: Emotional and Mental Well-being

I must tell you this. There's a unique therapeutic quality to DIY home improvement projects as well. Engaging in a hands-on task can be quite meditative, helping you disconnect from life's pressures. It teaches patience, resilience and indirectly fosters enhanced emotional and mental health. Do I hear a "could this BE any more therapeutic?" Well, who knew that patching a hole in the wall could serve as a form of therapy!?

Learning the Ropes: Infusing Confidence

Each small project completion infuses a fresh wave of confidence into your very being. You begin to view challenges differently. Each of us has unique strengths. For Pete's sake, some men can analyse an entire film series, recite dialogues backward and forward, humming the theme music all the while. Now, while that's impressive (kinda), knowing how to fix a broken door handle sure has its perks, too. I'm just saying.

Sweet Satisfaction: The Reward

When a glass shelf that you installed doesn't fall off, or when the squeaky door stops its terribly irritating attempt at singing, it’s more satisfying than you think. I've found that, except for when a flower pot crashes from a shelf I proudly mounted, the joy of creating and fixing something around the house replaces the initial trepidation in surprisingly pleasant ways. It’s like when you finally find the TV remote. Jokes aside, should all men know how to fix things around the house? Not necessarily. But, should they have basic knowledge and a willingness to learn? Definitely. It isn’t about being a man. It’s about being a capable, smart, and independent individual and reaping a sense of satisfaction from it.

Well, that's my two cents on that. Remember folks, if you mess something up during the repair, it's okay - we are all humans! Keep the spirit of learning alive, and yes, keeping your local handyman's number is still a pretty smart move!

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